Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shoulder Surgery For Barron

Barron had surgery on his rotator cuff on July 8th. He did well and the surgeon was able to reattach the main tendon to his rotator cuff as well as his bicep muscle that was 50% torn off. Recovery has been stressful but I'm hopeful we're beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. He's not use to sitting around and is wanting do something other than watch TV and walk around Target and Walmart with me! He has started physical therapy so that will keep him busy. We see the surgeon tomorrow and he'll tell us when he can go back to work.....LIGHT DUTIES!!! They say it'll be 4-6 months to recover 100% and that's only if he really works at the physical therapy.

One of the pictures is right after I got him home from the surgery and he was not a happy camper. The other one is from his first physical therapy that started last Friday. I keep telling him that by Christmas he'll be back to normal (whatever that is)!

It rained today and he enjoyed walking around the backyard in the rain. I had to make him take his sling off so it wouldn't get wet! I happened to look out and caught him pulling a couple of weeds...oh well, it made him happy!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Barron!

Barron and I drove to Flagstaff on Friday and spent the night in celebration of his birthday. It was a much needed break on so many levels. Saturday turned out to be "Armed Forces Day" so that was an unexpected treat....we caught the tail end of a parade and there was an air show at the airport. Between seeing the planes and visiting the train station Barron was in 7th Heaven!

I love the show "Diners, Drive In's, and Dives". Last year the spot lighted a diner on Route 66 in Flagstaff. I've been wanting to go ever since. It's called "Salsa Brava" and it was yummy. It's mexican food and they brought Barron fried ice cream for dessert. He loved it....I've had better!

All in all a great week-end. Looking forward to hearing from Barron later this morning. He sees the surgeon at 8am. His shoulder hurts all the time now and seems to be getting worse. He's ready to feel better.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Special Delivery For Mother's Day

My new favorite picture of Lali! This is her at the Tulip Festival in Seattle. She's so beautiful I can hardly stand it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Update On Sam

It feels like things are finally coming together for Sam. He's got a great job making fairly good money, looks like he might have a government grant for school, and he's finally decided what he wants to least for now.

He and I spent the whole of Tuesday together (his only day off). We went to Gateway Community College and got information on the respiratory therapy course they offer. He needs about a years worth of pre-recs before he can start...he enrolled yesterday for those at EMCC. We won't know until May how much his grant is. If it's enough, he may quit work and do school full time. That would be great. So school wise, he's finally on the right track!

Barron and I took him out to celebrate last night at Ruby Tuesday. They have an awesome salad bar and great burgers. Plus we had a buy one get one coupon! We had a wonderful time just eating and talking with each other. We were there for over two hours! It was the best.

Barron has been working alot of hours and I think it's finally starting to catch up with him...both emotionally and physically. He hurts all over, he's tired, and he needs some time off. Unfortunately, that won't be happening for a while. Looks like he may have to work Saturday AND Sunday this week. Poor guy.

We are hoping to get to Vegas sometime next month...once Honeywell is finished the project their working on now that keeps him there so much. And our plan is to drive to Seattle sometime this summer. We haven't done a big drive like that is some time so it will be interesting. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

That's all for now. Hope everyone is well and happy. Love you all!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dinner With Kay

My best friend in 5th grade was Kay Fritz....and she has continued to be my best friend ever since. There have been times when we have gone for years without seeing each other or even speaking to each other. In fact, I lost track of her about eight years ago. Well, she found me on facebook last week! Would you believe she lives fairly close to us?! Sort of anyway. About a twenty minute drive. At least for the next two weeks when she'll be'll be a forty minute drive then!

We met up last night at Islands Burger for dinner. It was wonderful. It was like we'd never been apart. We just picked up where we left off. It was three hours of laughing, eating, talking, and just having a great time. It was so fun being with her again. We're both looking forward to spending more time together. We may even invite the husbands next time!

I'm so thankful for friends. Heavenly Father certainly knew what he was doing when he "invented" girlfriends! Where would we be without friends? I remember in grade school learning a song with the words, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold". How true. But, eventually, new friends become old friends and your life is surrounded with gold! Just a thought!

Family and friends. Life is good.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Catch Up

I can't believe it's been this long since my last post...actually I can. It seems I blog as well as I journal. Not my strong suit at all. But, and I know I've said this before, I'm going to try harder.

I really can't even catch you up on all that has happened because I don't remember! My memory is awful and I seems to have passed this fine quality on to Valerie! Sorry, Val.

So I'll just say that we went to Seattle in February to spent time with our three beautiful granddaughters. We had a wonderful time. They are growing so fast. I miss them and wish we could all live closer. Or one of us could win the lottery so we could afford to visit every week! My fantasy is to buy a house in Seattle so we could summer there and winter here in Arizona! I really don't think that's asking to much, do you?

We are now planning a trip to Vegas. We usually go in August and meet up with Barron's brother and sister. This year we have decided we need some alone time. So we're going in April while it's still cool. The problem in August is that it's just to dang hot and we don't get to walk around outside very much. We love doing that. Anyway, we're looking forward to some time alone. You know,, Barron, and a slot machine! KIDDING....sort of!

It'll be interesting to see how long I go before I blog again. At least I haven't gone a whole year! you all.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's been a busy week with Taylor and Addy over. I've forgotten how much work having two little girls can be! It makes me wonder how I ever managed with my own six....all I can imagine is that I must have been fantastic! And much younger.....much more energetic.....etc.

We are leaving Thursday morning for Vegas. I'm not looking forward to the drive.....actually maybe I am. I should start being more positive about it. It'll be great to have Barron's undivided attention! I won't have to compete with the garage, or yard work, or other things he wants to do around the house! And the scenery between here and Vegas is beautiful! I do love the desert and mountains.

I wanted to get my hair cut and colored before our trip to Vegas. So, as usual, all I had to do was mention it to Valerie. She came over yesterday and did it for me. What would I do without you, Val? Thank you for always being so willing to do my hair. I love you.

I'll post again after our trip.

P.S. Cheryl, you're in our prayers!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Taylor and Addy

This week I've been babysitting Fran Bylinowski's granddaughter, Taylor and Addy. I have to admit, I've been having a ball. It does make me miss Cheska though! We have played outside in the water, imagined trips to Disneyland together, gone to Taco Bell for lunch, played restaurant, and painted each others fingernails! It's been great fun. I had to share a couple pictures with you.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WOW....Where Have I Been?

It's been much to long since my last post. I was just really getting frustrated with "dial-up" and taking hours to post if I wanted to add a picture. Then Valerie started a family blog and I ended up just going with it. So, for now, I'm back. Thanks mentioned that you missed me posting on this this is for you!

Since my last post, we have added a new granddaughter to our clan. Seth and Barb were blessed with little Penelope on Feb. 18. She is beautiful. We were able to travel to Seattle in April to see her. We enjoyed a wonderful visit with Seth's family. They spoiled us much for us going to help them out! We got to get to know Barb as well as wee Penelope and love them all so much and are really missing them.

We also got to spend time with Nathan, Clare, Cheska, and little Lolly. Another beautiful family! I couldn't believe how much Lolly had grown in just over a year. She's a little girl now. But, to show her love for grandma, she waited until I got there to take her first step! That was an exciting time for me! Cheska is 9...turning 10 in Sept. She is learning Irish Dancing and wowed us with her abilities...and she sings like an angel. Nathan and Clare also spoiled us and we are missing our Seattle families. So much so that we are going back in August!!!!

More good news....our Sarah is pregnant! She is due January 1st. Another grandchild that lives much to far away...Oklahoma. I now call Jon, Papa John! He loves it!

Anyway, it's late and I'm tired. I'm going to try and do better at posting on this blog. It's hard for me to remember yesterday let alone the past year so that's my memory or the time I've neglected blogging. Hope everyone is well and I look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Sweetie Little Lolly

Look how cute my darling little granddaughter is. I thought being a mommy was fun, I had no idea how fun being a grandma would be. Too bad I only get to see her grow up over the Internet...sad day for me. Maybe one of these days I'll have a grand-baby that lives closer to me...hint hint ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Theresa The Invalid

Monday I spent the night with Theresa. She wouldn't give me her bed so I made her share it. She actually was very nice about it. I even managed to get a good two thirds of it without her complaining AT ALL!! I think she knew that she would be at my mercy the rest of the week and knew better than to rock the boat!

Her surgery went very well. The doctor talked to me right after and said that the tear in her tendon was substanual and she had every right to complain about the pain she had been in. Plus it was fill with fluid which didn't help matters. He even took a picture of it that he'll show her next week at her apt. Said he would make her a copy for her scrapbook....or blog!

I brought her back to my house from the hospital so she could recover here. So far she's been really good. Although if she doesn't stop saying, "Mom could you please"....I'm going to gag her and put her in the closet for the rest of the week! Not really. Just gag her. Not really. Truth be told, she's been really good. Although she did throw up in the car on the way home....that was swell. She barfed into a plastic bag and I got to look at it all the way home! YUCK. Then she threw up again this morning when dad helped her into OUR bed....good thing she had a bowl and managed to get it all in there....unlike when Nathan pukes! Good times.

When we finally got out of bed, I made her a nice breakfast. She took two bites and thought she would throw up again. And I really knocked myself out making a nice breakfast. Valerie loves my breakfasts and would NEVER say it made her sick!

It's actually been nice having her here. It's company through the day. I even made her play a game with me this morning. We played "Sequence". I won the first game and she won the second one. We both like to win so it was brutal with neither of us giving the other a break!

She really does whine alot. I came into the bedroom to blog and she wanted to come in so she wouldn't be in the family room alone. It sounds inocent enough but in reality, moving her is such an ordeal. I have to help her up, give her the crutches, and make sure she doesn't fall. No lie, it takes ten minutes to move her ten feet! She has to take a break every couple of feet and cries over how hard it is. BooHoo! Getting her into a chair or on the couch is fairly entertaining. She positions herself in front of the chair and lets herself flop down. My furniture was already on the way out but this will insure I get new stuff alot sooner. If you think Theresa should go halves on it, please let me know and we'll all sign a petition!

I spent most the day Monday cleaning my house then Theresa invaded! When I mentioned to her that my house was a bomb since her arrival she said, "Mom, I had foot surgery, not a lifestyle change"! Little brat!

Anyway, this is it for signing off and looking forward to Saturday when I get to take Theresa home! If anyone can come over and help in the meantime, I'll give you a dollar!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Words of Wisdom from Dad!

I just got off the phone with dad. He told me that he had been thinking on his way to work this morning and had come up with this quote....

"A testiment to the Lord is manifest in the life you live".

I think that's a pretty neat quote and I wanted to share it with you.

Have a great day!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This Can't Be Right!!!

Last month dad had a doctor's apt. I went with him and listened as the doctor told him that he has high blood pressure and needs to be on meds. You know your dad, there was no way he was going to take meds......he insisted that he doesn't have high blood pressure. So, he told the doctor that for the next month he was going to work out more often, watch his diet, and keep track of his blood pressure daily. He's done fairly well with the first two and excellent with the third....every day he sees the doctor at Honeywell and has his blood pressure taken. It's always around 126/77. So, thank goodness he didn't take the meds because I understand that once you start taking high blood pressure meds, you're on them for life! In the meantime, I talked him into buying our own blood pressure machine. Well, his blood pressure is great! Mine on the other hand is AWFUL! If the doctor saw it, he'd insist I go on meds! NO WAY! Instead, I'm going to work out more often, watch my diet, and keep track of my blood pressure. I'm giving myself a month. If I can't get it to improve, I'll conceed and see the doctor. OUCH.

Dad had to work today so I went to church by myself. It was a great meeting. The sacrament meeting talks were on enduring trials and the peace of Christ. The same kind of things were discussed in both Sunday School and Relief Society. Really a good day. I came away feeling spiritual feed. I have realized over the past year that we're given trials to make us stronger. I think sometimes we see trials as a punishment. I've been reading in Helaman and I've learned that the Lord gives us trials to keep us close to him. When things are easy we tend to neglect our relationship with the Lord. But, at the first sign of trouble, we're on our knees! At least that seems to be the way it works for me. Trials keep us humble. Amen to that. One of these days I hope to learn that lesson well enough that I won't need the trials to stay close to that Lord. I can finally say that I'm thankful for the trials I've had over the past few years. I would like to think that I'm a stronger, better person because of them. I KNOW that the Lord answers prayers because he's answered mine. I also know that He's always with me....even when I don't think He is. I love the gospel! My children are my joy and I love you all.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, another conference has come to an end. Kind of sad. We stil haven't been able to watch what we recorded from Saturday. This week for sure. All in all, a great conference. Dad and Sam went to the Priesthood session and they both really enjoyed it.

After the first session this morning there was a comercial about keeping a journal on-line. So I went to the site and signed up! It great! You really have to do it. It's going to be so much easier than writing in a book. They even spell check it for you! Anyway, check it out.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Favorite Dog at Dogtoberfest

Cutest Dog at Dogtoberfest

Downtown Prescott where sleeping dogs lie

Sixty Degrees In Prescott!

Dad and I planned all week to go to Prescott on Saturday and maybe even stay the night if we could find a hotel that was affordable. That's about as spontaneous as we get these days. Any-way we went, we stayed, we came home!

It was great fun! Mostly just nice to have some alone time with dad. The drive there was so nice. I LOVE Arizona.......unlike my older boys! I think Arizona is beautiful. I love the landscape, the mountains, the sunsets.......I love it all. I also love Ontario.......but right now we're talking Arizona!

It's neat watching the landscape change from desert to high desert. And every half hour or so I like to roll the window down and check the weather outside. It's so much cooling in Prescott than Phoenix. And the closer we got the more cloud cover there was.

At one point, dad and I were sitting on a bench on the cornor in Prescott and within 15 minutes the temperature went from 78 degrees to 66 degrees. We even sat in the rain for a couple of minutes.......more of a hard sprinkle than a rain, but it was fun. The clouds turned black, there was a bit of thunder (or as I like to call it, Funder), it rained a bit, and the temp dropped!

Anyway, we walked downtown Prescott for a couple of hours and enjoyed being outside in the nice weather. Dad even bought himself a hat! How unlike him, eh? Our day was fun, relaxed, and very enjoyable. We even went shopping at Target! My kind of day!

When we got up on Sunday morning, it was much warmer than the day before. We went to "Dogtoberfest". That was really cute. Dogs all over the place.

Sam stayed home on his own and had a good time also. We got home in time to take him to church. Then I called Sarah and her and I were on the phone ALL evening! Over four hours talking, sharing photos, and playing pool on the computer. It was great fun. By the end, poor Sarah just wanted to hang up, shower, and go to bed. But Sam, who was now home from church, convinced her to play one game of pool with him so he could beat her (I couldn't). Long story short, SHE WON!

Cheri called last night and told us that Jim had a heart attack yesterday afternoon. I think he's ok now but keep him in your prayers.

Now it's Monday morning, dad and Sam have gone to work, and my day is also beginning. I'm looking forward to a great day! Love you all.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Heather

We had a really fun and nice day today. Heather's family threw her a surprise birthday party this afternoon. It was fun being around her family and seeing some of her friends that I know. Her parents are great and they always make me feel so good. And I love her kids. It's wierd to think that when we first met, Griffin was just a newborn baby! Now look at him! Her daughters are more beautiful every time I see them. I can't believe that Meghan is getting married in just three freaky is that? They are all great kids and it was fun being with them. I seemed to be the only one with a camera so I made sure that I got a picture of Heather with all seven of her kids. It was a great time. Heather and I have been through so much together.....

the best of the best and the worst of the worst. I'm so thankful for her friendship.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dad's New Towels

I've been trying to download this pictures for three days now...hope it works this time or I may just call it quits!

And The Winner Is....VALERIE!!!

Congratulations, Valerie! You have just won a fun filled day with mom! I know you're busy and probably don't have the time so.......instead, you get to pick what I serve for dinner on your birthday! It's on a Sunday this year, so it works out perfectly. Let me know what kind of cake you want too. Sorry Theresa, you'll have to have what Val's having. Next time be the first to answer the quiz question if you want to pick! So, this is an open invitation to all the kids, dinner at my house on Oct. 19th to celebrate birthdays for Theresa, Nathan, and Val.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The New Bedspread

OoooAhaaa, Target, my favorite!

I went out this afternoon to Target. All I needed was a "ring" for the quiet book I'm making for Lolly. Of course, I can't go, get just what I need, and leave. Target isn't just a store, it's an experience! Especially when they have lots of new mark-downs! So, as usual, I walked the circuit! What fun. Backpacks are 75% off...let me tell you, it's hard to walk past and not buy one when the price is SCREAMING at me! But I did...not without first texting Theresa and Valerie to ask if they needed one (birthdays are coming up and "clearance" stuff is always a big hit!). At least for the credit card! Oh, no! I should have texted Nathan too as his birthday is also on the horizon! Nathan, if you're reading this, let me know!

Ok, pay attention, there's going to be a quiz at the end of this post...

Also, all their linens and bathroom stuff was on sale. So, I bought us a new bedspread. First off the old one is getting ratting...really...the stuffing is coming out! Also, I'm tired of it. It's been around for over five or six years now! BORING! Our bed needed a facelift! Naturally, I've been keeping my eyes on the look-out for a while now. Well, you guessed it, today was the day! Unfortunately, the selection was pitiful at best. Two colors to choose from. BUT, I found a fairly nice, much needed bedspread. Regular price, $49.99. My price, for being at the right place, at the right time, $12.48! That's right, boys and girls...$12.48! You heard me correctly, I said $12.48! Let me say again, also, I LOVE TARGET!!!

At first I debated because the color wasn't exactly what I had in mind. But the price was right. And I figured for $12.48, I couldn't go to wrong. Well, I got it home, put it on our bed, and I think I really like I just have to make sure dad likes it. Not that he really has an opinion on this sort of stuff, but it's always nicer if he likes it also. I'm sure when he finds out it only cost me $12.48 he'll LOVE it!

I'm also posting pictures of a couple of towels I've made dad in the last little while. Mind you, they weren't as expensive as the $12.48 I paid for the bedspread! I found these at Walmart for $2.00 each. Dang, I'm good! No wonder dad keeps me around!

Ok, quiz time. How much did I pay for our new bedspread? The first one to comment back on this blog with the correct answer, wins! This is NOT an open blog question so you'll be on the honor system!

UPDATE: Pictures not downloading right now for whatever reason so I'll post them later.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Just a quick happy birthday greeting going out to Jon! When we talked to him he and Sarah were eating Mexican food...his favorite! He did manage to get Sarah to a real restaurant as Sarah would have taken him to Taco Bell! She's her daddy daughter! Actually, Barron is always really sweet at taking me somewhere nice for my b-day.

I was looking at different blogs today and came across a very neat quote. I wrote it down so I could blog it! This is to my family...

If I know what love is, it's because of you.

I love you all! Happy Birthday, Jon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Until an hour ago, I hadn't realized that today is 9/11. I happened to turn the TV on and I'm watching the History channel..."The Day The Towers Fell". I've seen it several times and it never ceases to amaze me how those images put me right back to that day. I remember thinking how surreal it all was. How could this be happening in the U.S.?

That morning Barron and I were still in bed. Val and Sam were getting ready for school. The phone rang and I answered it. Sarah, who was living in New York, called to tell us that a plane had just crashed into one of the Twin Towers. It was a short conversation as we immediately turned the television on. I don't think we had it on more than five minutes when we saw the second plane hit the second tower. It was so hard to digest what was going on. Suddenly there was talk about it being a terrorist attack and no one knew if or when another plane would target another place. We debated about having the kids go to school. I don't remember how we came to the conclusion to let them go, I just remember that they went. I don't remember the time frame but then the Pentagon was hit. Then the first tower fell and I remember thinking that if the first one fell, the second one was going to fall as well.

I was glued to the TV for the next month or more. I must have watched that plane hit the second tower a hundred times. It was so unbelievable. The news reports were bleak at best. The hospitals were expecting hundreds of patients and they waited and waited and waited. The hospitals never got the flood of patients they expected...there were few survivors. That night I heard a report that there were children who hadn't been picked up from daycare.

I hate remembering that day. It's so sad. Our country changed. I hate to admit it but that day I learned not to trust anyone who looked like a Muslim. Even when we went to Vegas a few weeks ago, I noticed that there were several young guys that looked like they were Muslims waiting for the same plane as us. I got myself into such a panic! They ended up leaving and I felt better. I HATE that I think and feel that way.

Anyway, I just wanted to remember and pay tribute to all those who died or lost loved ones that day.... to firefighters and police who died trying to save others...and to the human spirit that helps us to move on. I don't know anyone who died or anyone who lost someone from 9/11 but I do feel like I mourn with those people. I think in some small way, we all lost someone that day.

I haven't really been able to capture my thoughts very well....maybe there are no words. I'm thankful for my testimony of the gospel. That testimony helps me to understand why bad things happen to good people. I do love this counrty and I'm proud to be an American!

What The.....

I've been waiting for two days for a comment on my blog....I live for comments! So I got on this morning and found this comment from Sarah (AKA "poopie").

poopie said...
FINALLY!!! Yeah photos are great, but it was getting painful waiting for a new blog from one of you guys!! I miss you!


I can't believe you, Sarah, of all people would write that!! According to my records, you haven't posted in.....

4 weeks!!!

I'm not complaining.......oh, wait, YES I AM COMPLAINING!!! Post a blog every now and again or at least pick up the phone and call!!! Did I mention that I love you too? Well I do.

This blog is also intended for THERESA!! Val...good job with the blogging!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Hail" Freezes Over In Tolleson!


WOW...It's been a while. How time flies. I've thought about posting many times over the past couple of weeks but I think I figure I need a picture to go along with my I haven't. Not that nothing has happened because it has...just no pictures.

Yesterday, however, I got pictures! I hope they work out on this blog. Anyway, Sam and I were sitting watching a movie ("Grace Is Gone", very sad but really good) and Barron was on the computer. I noticed it had started to sprinkle a bit and by the time I informed Barron to the time he acknowleded my comment it was POURING! Then we realized that there were little pieces of hail in the rain. Then the wind started and there were these little tapping sounds on the windows...just as we figured out the hail was now large enough to make a noise when hitting the window the speed and intesity of the hail picks up. It was a bit scary because they were hitting so fast and so hard that we were worried that a window might break! The storm only lasted for about 5-6 minutes but the rain was heavy enough that it almost crossed the road in front of the house and there was enough hail that we could scoop it up in our was the size of a large pea. I've never seen hail that big so it was exciting...especially to see it here in the valley! Anyway, hope you like the pictures!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Day!

I keep thinking that I need to write something on this blog but my life really isn't that interesting. I'm NOT complaining at all......I have learned that boring is a good thing.

But I did have a good day today. I haven't been in a cleaning mood for many months now and one finally hit me today! Our bedroom is a disaster! So I went to's still not finished but it will be tomorrow. I couldn't believe the dust in here, I'm sure it was half an inch high! I did my wall unit today so tomorrow I'll get dad's in order. And I need to dust the window sills. They are especially bad. Bored yet?

Dad and I were getting ready to go to the gym tonite when I got a call from Cheryl. She's a young mother in our ward with cancer. I'm the compassionate service leader in our ward and I'm in charge of making sure that Cheryl is being taken care of. It's been a great experience for me on many levels. Getting to know Cheryl has been a blessing. Her courage is remarkable. I'm not sure I could handle what she's going through with the same grace as she. It's not just that I've never seen her without a smile.......there's something else but I'm not sure what it is. I do admire her and have really learned to love her. The women in our ward have been great. I usually have three meals a week going into Cheryl's home. I would say that 95% of the time, these women thank me for calling and giving them an opportunity to serve! WOW. I've done this calling before and it was like pulling teeth trying to get people to take a meal to someone. So it's been a true example of love and kindness to me. Makes me think of the scripture, "In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of have done it unto Me". I have to admit that I have never thanked someone for asking me to take a meal to a family in need! So it's been a good lesson for me.

Anyway, she called and told me she was going to enrichment tonite. Her husband works nights so it meant taking three kids with her. She had mentioned earlier in the week that she wanted to go but the thought of taking three kids on her own was hard. I told her that I'd go with her if she decided to go. So instead of gym, I went to enrichment with Cheryl. I have to tell you here that this is only the third time I've gone in the four years we've been in this ward!

Well, both Cheryl and I had a great time. The meeting was on service. Everyone wrote down a service that they were willing to do on an index card. All the cards were put in a jar and we sat in a circle taking turns picking a card from the jar. They did it like we do our white elephant gifts. You could either choose a new one or steal someone else's. There was everything from a meal, to cleaning, to babysitting, to homemade Christmas cards! My service was to make a dessert.....the bishop's wife got it. So this Sunday I'm making their dessert. I'm getting a carrot cake from a gal in our ward who got the recipie from a professional chef. She can bring me the cake but isn't allowed to share the recipie. Well, I make a dang good carrot cake so I'm looking forward to seeing if it's as good as mine! It'll be fun.

When we were coming home the lightening was all around us! It was so pretty! So, you know me, I had to come home and take a picture of it! It took a bit of doing but I did manage to get some pictures! So that's what I'm posting tonite.

Anyway, I'm thankful today for good examples! And I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve in the relief society. I love the Lord. Have a great day!

Friday, August 22, 2008